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Treasures Uncovered in North Wing

(Previously submitted March, 2019 to Lincoln County News)

The North wing is on its way! Yes, construction is continuing on the Inn with the focus being the north wing. The kitchen will be completed once funding is secured for the appliances.

The north-wing space has been stripped to the bones and then some. Walking through the original structure one sees spaces of floor missing and bare studs. However, when you look up, there is the framing for the ceiling and the floor above. New plumbing and insulation can now be installed. It's a perfect mix of old and new.

Let's talk about the old. When the home was last used by the Chapman family. It was used by two generations. The house was divided in two by using the central staircase as the division line. The elder Chapmans used the north wing. This allowed for each family to have their own separate lives yet come together as a family when needed or wanted.

Demolition uprooted some interesting things. An old sailor hat and a pair of ice-skates, among other items, have been found beneath the floor.

Now the new. Everyone is amazed at the condition of the structural wood. It's in really great shape. There are a few places that need to be replaced and that is currently being done.

The first floor of the north wing will house two ADA compliant guest rooms, each with their own bath and separate entrances to the outside. The second floor will have 3 guest rooms with 2 full baths.

This section will open as soon as we are able. Fundraising is still in progress in order to complete the kitchen, north wing, earthwork and parking lot.

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