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Renovation Update

(Previously submitted February, 2019 to Lincoln County News)

Renovations and remodeling are continuing here at Inn Along the Way. The mechanical and electrical systems have been brought up to code. Demolition of the north wing is complete and work is ongoing.

Can you hear the heartbeat? As the kitchen was the heart of the Chapman family home, so it will be the center of the comfort and hospitality offered at the Inn.

Thanks to our many dedicated, hard working, volunteers the kitchen is close to completion. They did much of the demolition as well as the scraping and priming of the walls. The floor was professionally installed.

A grant from the Borland Hill Farm Fund of the Maine Community Foundation afforded us the opportunity to purchase a commercial dishwasher. As other funding becomes available we will be able to complete the purchase and installation of the kitchen furnishings and equipment.

Soon the doors of the Inn's cafe will open for potlucks, gatherings, celebrations and comfort. The tables will be laid, coffee brewed, tea served, and the warmth of the home will once again emirate from the heart of this Inn, the kitchen.

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