Inn Along the Way
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Damariscotta, Maine 04543
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Creating interdependent neighborhoods of 


older adults  

Welcome to Inn Along the Way...


... A unique and innovative community design in which elders live interdependently in a neighborhood-style setting of small, environmentally friendly homes. Rents are based on ability to pay. An interdependent community fosters strength, safety, and feelings of purpose, connection, and vibrancy. In addition, a small inn, café, tea room, art center, and farm stand will help draw the wider community to our door, as well as help fund our hospitality cottages. The hospitality cottages are short-term accommodations available for respite to the public for caregivers and/or their loved ones who are moving toward the end of life. To learn more, read The Inn Along the Way Model: One Solution for Maine's Older Adults.

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Our Mission

A collaborative community offering older adults, and those seeking temporary relief from the responsibilities of caregiving, an environment of support, purpose, and sustainability in a multigenerational and mutually interdependent setting.



interdependent [in-ter-dee-pen'-dent]

adjective: mutually dependent; depending   on each other.


respite [res'-pit]

noun: a suspension for a time of a difficult  situation; an interval of relief.

Our Vision

  • Increased housing options for our elders through the development of a "pocket neighborhood" of small, accessible homes.

  • Respite for caregivers and their loved ones.

  • Respect, sensitivity, and integrity towards our environment, neighbors, and the community at large. 

  • An interdependent community of caring and being cared for.

  • A vibrant, healthy, and life-affirming campus.

  • Support of local farming.

Want to know more? Read: 


The INN ALONG THE WAY Model: One Solution for 

Maine's Older Adults

  2021 - Construction continues!

We're fully immersed in the first phase of the plans for Chapman Farm. By summer, we will have two fully accessible guestrooms on the first floor, each with its own private bath. These will be available to paying guests as well as to those seeking respite. In addition, there will be three more guestrooms upstairs, and a café, along a commercial kitchen for preparing meals.

Eventually, further additions and renovations will result in eight guest rooms and one manager's apartment. Four of the guest rooms will be fully accessible on the ground floor; four others will require the ability to climb stairs. Three of the non-accessible guest rooms will be located upstairs in the original house and one plus the apartment will be built in the second floor of the new wing. As our mission requires, these guest rooms--particularly those which are accessible--will be offered for use as short-term respite accommodations for caregivers and/or their loved ones. 

The first floor of the main house will contain gathering rooms for use by guests or public groups, a kitchen, and a cafe/coffee shop. As always, Inn Along the Way will welcome members of the greater community as well as serve those who seek respite.

If you would like to provide financial support, please let us know by contacting board president Sherry Flint (  or 207-751-6261). Another option is to visit our "Donate" page.


Thank you!